Shuguang Chen

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Houston


I'm a 5th-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Houston. I work at Research in Text Understanding and Analysis of Language (RiTUAL) lab, supervised by Dr. Thamar Solorio.

My research interest lies in Natural Language Processing (NLP) with a special focus on neural sequence labeling. My research aims to overcome linguistic challenges to reduce performance degradation (i.e., a decrease in models’ predictive performance) and improve model robustness (i.e., the ability to predict consistently under various conditions).

Specifically, I'm interested in tackling the following challenges during my Ph.D. studies:

  • Neural sequence labeling on user‑generated text
  • Data transformation for model robustness
  • Knowledge transfer in linguistic code-switching


  • [2022.05]: Started my summer internship at Microsoft Research as Research Intern.
  • [2022.05]: 1 paper accepted to SWR at NAACL 2022.
  • [2022.04]: Honored to be selected as a recipient of the Cullen Graduate Student Success Fellowship!
  • [2022.01]: Successfully defended my proposal and officially become a Ph.D. candidate!
  • [2021.09]: 1 paper accepted to W-NUT at EMNLP 2021.
  • [2021.08]: 1 paper accepted to EMNLP 2021.
  • [2021.06]: Completed the Build Basic Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) course in Coursera.
  • [2021.06]: 1 paper accepted to CALCS at NAACL 2021.
  • [2021.05]: Started my internship at Melax Tech as NLP Intern.
  • [2021.02]: 1 paper accepted to SocialNLP at NAACL 2021.


  • A Simple Approach to Jointly Rank Passages and Select Relevant Sentences in the OBQA Context
    Man Luo, Shuguang Chen, Chitta Baral.
    NAACL 2022 SWR
    [Paper] [Code]

  • Data Augmentation for Cross-Domain Named Entity Recognition
    Shuguang Chen, Gustavo Aguilar, Leonardo Neves, Thamar Solorio
    EMNLP 2021
    [Paper] [Code]

  • Can images help recognize entities? A study of the role of images for Multimodal NER
    Shuguang Chen, Gustavo Aguilar, Leonardo Neves, Thamar Solorio.
    EMNLP 2021 W-NUT
    [Paper] [Code]

  • Mitigating Temporal-Drift: A Simple Approach to Keep NER Models Crisp
    Shuguang Chen, Leonardo Neves, Thamar Solorio.
    NAACL 2021 SocialNLP
    [Paper] [Code]

  • Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Computational Approaches to Linguistic Code-Switching
    Thamar Solorio, Shuguang Chen, Alan W. Black, Mona Diab, Sunayana Sitaram, Victor Soto, Emre Yilmaz, Anirudh Srinivasan
    NAACL 2021 CALCS


  • CALCS 2021 Shared Task: Machine Translation for Code-Switched Data
    Shuguang Chen, Gustavo Aguilar, Anirudh Srinivasan, Mona Diab, Thamar Solorio.